September 4th, 2014

I’m not sure how many people read this, because of my inexperience with bots, crawlers etc. But I haven’t been talking much lately, so when I created this massive replay post on forum, I thought that I will tell all you three guys about it :D

There is some info on my plans in it so if you are here it may interest you.



Progress report

March 21st, 2014

Recently I started to change my perception about what one man can and can’t do by himself. Few days ago I read two nice articles on gamedev.net. First can give you an idea what one man can do in about 6 months of work and in second you can read very interesting development story about man creating a puzzle game 9 years. Here are links:

6 month of gamedev

9 years development

It’s interensting read.

From a long time I read a lot of good stuff about Unity3D and I decided to try that few days ago. It was funny to read similiar opinions in “9 years” article just a few days later. Anyway my first impressions where really good and I mean really good. I barely scratched a sufrace but anyway it seems that it might be a reasonable way to go for a one man development. I haven’t decided yet but I can assure you that I’m going to do my homework before starting development of Evo2 for sure and switching to Unity3D is strong option at this point. It also depends on how stable first release will be.

For sure I’m planning some simple initial integration with Unity3d after first release and then I’ll decide. Maybe it will speed things up, that test should reveal the answer.

But for now I’m staying with what I have. Good news is that current development is going well at the moment. It’s not that far away from being ready ( I mean “alpha ready” ) to release and that’s also motivating. There’s also an idea to release earlier demo with test stage from screenshot below, but I’m still not decided to release or to wait for first stage/car combo.

It’s a test stuff. If you follow my blog, you propably notice that this is the same track as on other shots.

Ah one more thing. I’m thinking about more “game modes”. Currently I have training events and championship. To be honest what else do you need, maybe except career mode? Anyway I was thinking also of some kind of official ranking events which you could repeat forever :) and based on your results there would be official “hotlap” ranking of some kind. So if you have some nice and SIMPLE idea let me know on forum.


Still going

August 20th, 2013

I’m still going guys :)

Quick screenshot on start:

It’s WIP ingame editor for layouts. Track is WIP also ( no sky, no shadows, mipmaps problems on livery, texture colors are bad etc.)

So what’s going on with development? I decided to keep first version playable on lower spec machines. So limited shaders usage for sure. It needs to be smooth while playing. I’m not going to add HDR/bloom and I’ll get rid of dynamic shadows which were working even in first closed test version. It makes things look a better, but propably not that much with my artistic skills. On other hand it is killing performance on lower spec PC’s.

Baked shadows look really well also. With that approach dynamic time of day is not possible. So it’s out at this point. It needs to drive smoothly.

External layout editor was ready long time ago. I’m just moving it into game from C# track editor.

I want to start really soon on content. But I’m not rushing with releasing demo. It needs proper track to include and what you see on screenshot is just test stuff.

Just wanted to give you quick: “I’m still doing this!” with my post.


Dev time

January 25th, 2013

Just quick update on how things are going.

I’m concentrating on development right now. You don’t see many updates because I decided that I need to go through gameplay design private. I like to share ideas and bounce them off other people – it’s usually very nice thing and opens new ways of thinking. But to share all of my ideas with you guys is just silly. It only confuses people and does not give any benefits at this point.

I’ve already stated on forum that I’m doing smaller game now: RallySprintSim

I want to be possible for players to enjoy my physics as soon as possible. RSS is planned in two evolutions (E1 & E2). It’s possible to have fun with it, even when content in Evo1 will be low. That’s impossible with rally simulation, you can’t have season on 3 – 4 stages. You need a lot more than that.

I hope that you will enjoy RallySprintSim E1 while I’ll finish more features (that E1 will be missing). I want to have more time to work on engine and also I hope that revenue from RSS will allow me to fund RallySim tracks.

The bad news is: no RallySim tech demo. First open public thing will be RallySprintSim demo – but that will show up just before game launch.

As an indie developer I had to make it a bit smaller. RallySim was planned to be released as open alpha, but I decided to change that approach and release smaller stuff but without all the hassle involved with weekly builds.

To be honest now I start to understand why all indie developers talk so much about finishing your game. I thought about RallySim as a sim not a game. But it is a game and the same development rules apply.

Last 20% is really like last 80% ;)

First RS stage – early WIP screenshot

November 26th, 2012

I’m working on track importer and to make it usable I’m making first stage at the same time. Here you can see first screenshot:


It’s without sky and only diffuse textures for now, so no reflections or any kind of ligtning in the scene also no shadows at all. Anyway I think it’s interesting for those who wondered about RS stages look. For one man team that’s the quality I’m aiming at I guess ;)

This stage should be included in tech demo I’ll release, so you’ll be able to judge yourself if that kind of quality will give you an immersion of real stage.

One more thing is that I had to disable comments here, it was spam only a lot of it every day. So if you’d like to discuss anything just go to rallysim.net/forum

Weekly updates & New test build

November 15th, 2012

I thought about something like weekly updates, or maybe update every 2 weeks. It will bring you guys some more news about what I’m doing right now, maybe some of you guys would find that kind of thing interesting. That’s also good form of letting you know that I’m still alive ;)

I’m quite convinced that I’ll be doing this after initial release, I’m not sure when I’ll start doing that, but it should be not so far from now. What do you think about it?

Other thing is that I’ve uploaded new build for testers. As you can read in changelog, it’s only purpose is to give you possibiliy to try my original tire model. No bugfixes or other alternations whatsoever. Everything is exactly the same, only tires are different.

I’m starting to get back on pace with development. Now I’m working on some civilised assets pipeline. So basically I’ve started to work on first special stage for RS. Test track is nice and you’ll be able to do some autocross events in the future on that kind of tracks, but this will be very much Rally Sim :D so stages are a must.

Here you can see some early shots from editor. There’s only ground right now which is imported from Blender.

I want to give possibility to place objects in Editor or import stuff from Blender (and other soft also). Placing it in editor can give you an advantage with collision meshes placing. But that’s all WIP so it could change. I will work on that right now.

When I’ll have some interesting stuff I’ll share that with you. In the meantime what do you think of that weekly/two weeks updates?

You can discuss that here, or use forum topic about weekly updates

Busy Time

September 6th, 2012

Yes it was and it still is!

Last time I’ve posted it was just before Test time. For those of you that not tested RS a short debrief:

  •  it actually worked ;) yes there was a need to upgrade d3d on few machines and to install OpenAL but no major problems
  •   yes test guys found bugs and a lot of missing things were pointed out
  •   I was trying to make some last minute changes to tire model, even downgraded it a bit to make it easier to handle. That was a mistake and now RS is using my original model.

I’ve also finished new tire model during testing time but at this time RS will be using older one, it’s solid and difference is very subtle between two. I don’t have gravel model cooperating with this new tire and that’s the reason to hold back with that for a while.

After that I have a list of features to be included and a lot of things to improve including sound and graphics. I want also start with creation of content and that’s the reason why I started to work on some track impoerter tool. It’s a basic stuff there but it should be capable to import tracks from 3D Max, Blender, maybe even Maya and few others. I’m relying here on some Ogre3D exporters. Here you have some screenshots from early version of that:

I need to test spline solution which I added again. It was because I imported one of RallySlovakia stages from Bojan Pintar to test it in RS. These tracks have roads that are not very smooth and it downgraded whole driving experience a lot. That’s the reason to come back to splines again. I need to test that and come up woth some reasonable solution. After that I’ll start to prepare public version of RS so polishing, improvements in graphics, sounds, eliminating all bugs and more content.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to work on RS on past two weeks. I have pretty busy time in my day job, some big overtime :/ That’s also the reason of no updates. I hope to get back to RS in few days.

But I’m on right track with that, a lot of people are really enjoying driving RS even in current state of development :) that’s a big joy for me also. I’ve put a lot of effort and time into this. It’s nice to see that it’s enjoyable for sure.

For now that’s it. I’ll try to make these postings more of a habit and inform you guys a bit more on what’s going on with RS.

I’ll share some good news also with you, I’ve decided to get back to rallying next year. I don’t have budget to go normal rallies but amateur stuff is a lot better than nothing. So I’ll for sure be there in some amateur events next year. It’s a good feeleing to get back doing what you really want to do in life ;)

93% upload

July 21st, 2012

yes that’s it!
We’re starting closed testing. I’ll let you know how it goes on Forum. If those few people will tell that it’s ok, I’ll tell you guys that there are places left ;) Give us few days.

But it’s really early version. Graphics is LOW. And I mean it. Features are LOW. etc.

Anyway I want to know what are first impressions. It’s kind of exciting, I guess ;)

Setting up

July 18th, 2012

I’ve started to set up the server :)

I’ll be doing this today and tommorow. Maybe some final touches in code and need to add some screen in menus, because it’s black now ;)

But it’s pretty close for RS Testers to give it a spin. I’ll inform you guys when I finish this. That’s it for now, back to work.

Test Version

July 15th, 2012

Ok guys it’s late so I’ll be quick with this.

We’ll be starting testing this week. I have to fire up/configure some server. I still have to do some small stuff, but generally test version is ready. I need to restore track to previous state, because I’ve made some tests with it after the video you saw. So just need to replace some materials, export some meshes, small stuff. There is one thing to do in code, but that’s not gameplay related and I hope to deal with it till tuesday evening. Then configuration of server and if it goes smooth we’ll start testing before weekend.

Today I realised that for sure I need to make few modifications to server code. But for tests it should be ok, if not I’ll do modifications on the fly ;) But I’ll imporove it before opening for more testers.

I know it’s just test, but still I can see that it all takes more time than I planned in the beginning. Some things souns pretty easy, but it’s like shoveling the snow in winter – it’s pretty simple task, but it’s taking time.

I hope I can give you soon some positive info about tests.